Google like a pro


Fri Aug 27 2021

Tips and trick to use google like a pro as googling might be considered as a skill on its own.


Exact results

Wrap your search term with quotation marks ("") to search the exact query you typed in.

Example "labrador puppies"

Returns all labrador puppies results without only "labrador" or only "puppies"

Exclude a certain keyword

Add a hyphen (-) in front of the word in case you want to exclude a term from your search.

Example: labrador -puppies

You'll get search results for labradors, excluding labrador puppies.

Include synonyms

In case you'll want synonyms included in your results, use the tilde sign (~) in front of a word.

Example: labrador ~puppies

You'll get all results with puppies and it's synonyms included in the results.

Autocomplete a part of your search phrase

Add an asterisk sign (*) to your query.

Example: how to start a labrador * business

Returns results for labrador training, grooming, breeding etc.

Get results only from a specific domain

Use ( after your chosen term to get results belonging to a specific domain.

example: labrador

Gets you the results only from

Results between a range

Use two dots (..) between two numbers to narrow down the range of search to a specific year.

Example: labradors 2019..2021

Returns pages dated between 2019 and 2021.

Published before a certain year

Use before: method to get results published before a certain year.

Example: labrador before:2014

You'll get results dated before 2014.

Published after a certain year

Use after**:** method to get results published before a certain year.

Example: labrador after:2014

You'll get results dated after 2014.

Location oriented results

Use location: method to return queries related to a specific location.

Example: labradors location:london

Filetype oriented results

In order to skip the marketing fluff and "click bitey" articles that in essence point to nothing useful for yourself, use the filetype: method.

Example: labrador filetype:pdf

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